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Tropical Leaves

  1, 2, 3, FOREST  

For Earth

For Us

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Our goals with the "123forest" mobile app

⓵ expansion of the most economical

     carbon absorber

⓶ enable trees (planted through ODA business)

     to form an actual forest

⓷ promotion of environmentfriendly awareness

⓸ supporting ESG business enterprises

     for realization of NET-ZERO

⓹ breaking out of the vicious cicle of

     abnormal climate

⓺ support for settlement of slash-and-burn farmers

     (fruit-growing, beekeeping, etc.)

⓻ food resource development, expansion of

     means of living through fruit trees

⓼ windbreak forest’s pretection

     from fine dust and sandblast

⓽ prevention of zoonotic infection & desertification

⓾ expansion of good influences for green earth

⑪ enables vocational training (landscaping, etc.)

     helps creating jobs for women

숲의 나무
사막 나무

Do you know the Saxaul  

or Joshua or sea-buckthron tree?


 Though in the desert,

some trees can survive.


Thoguh we're trouble in global warming,

we can solve this problem with trees and forests.

Beyond 7,2021


We're the 'Beyond 7'


In recent years, megafires have raged out of control in Southwestern US, Siberia, and Australia, etc. Strong wind, drought, and spontaneous combustion caused by global warming have given cause for these long-term megafires. Megafires emit more carbon dioxide, raising earth temperature, bringing abnormal climate. The frozen wastes of Siberia are melting, producing methane, raising earth temperature.


The earth is caught in a vicious circle of forest destruction and global warming. Forest destruction and desertification mean more contact of human and wild life, causing more zoonotic infection. Keeping forest is our mandatory assignment for realization of NET-ZERO.

Carbon is widely blamed for global warming and climate crisis. Global warming will not stop unless we reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Trees are the most effective carbon absorber. Neither high technologies nor large capital expenses are needed. Trees’ water storage ability can prevent drought, landslide, and global warming.

We want to develop an application which informs us the value of trees and forest, helping reforestation through actual planting and looking after trees.

Beyond 7 hours, we've made this mobile app.

 ( Mirae and Beomjun live in South Korea,

   Adam and Hussain live in South Africa )

Beyond 7 continents, we will save the earth from climate crisis. 

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